Last.FM needs a consolidation option

Probably only Ryo and Andres will have any idea of what I am talking about, but I want the ability to manually consolidate doubles and what not that I have. For example, many years ago when I first had Last.FM, I had two versions of Kanye West’s Late Registration.

One of them was straight from the disc, then there were songs I downloaded. For some reason, I labeled the downloaded songs as “Late Registration (Downloaded)" and now years later, even though I have only one complete "Late Registration" the old tracks still show up as "Late Registration (Downloaded).” I could just delete them, but I don’t want to lose the 200+ plays for the songs. Currently, “Late Registration" has maybe 500+ plays, and "Late Registration (Downloaded)” has about 300+. I want to manually combine them so that “Late Registration" has 800+ plays.

I also incorrectly labeled “Gone Ft. Cam’ron & Consequence" as "Gone Ft. Cam’ron, Consequence" and I’ve wanted to change it to the correct version, but then it would start the plays all over. I’d rather not have "Gone Ft. Cam’ron & Consequence" with 20 plays and "Gone Ft. Cam’ron, Consequence" with 192 plays. Sadly, I have two separate versions of the song, with the two different album title labels. Damnit.

Very very very anal about my iTunes labeling and Last.FM recording what I listen to!